IEF MasterClass for Small-scale Entrepreneurs

IEF presents the first of its kind MasterClasses for small-scale entrepreneurs in India. Conducted by practicing professionals in specific areas of expertise, our classes provide not just theory, but practical know-how and real time knowledge that equips entrepreneurs to deal with the challenges of running a business.

In addition to this, our MasterClasses faculty provide “hands on” guidance on real issues, challenges, and questions the entrepreneurs have, with practical inputs in real time, followed by mentoring and networking support even after the MasterClasses are over.

IEF conducts 4 MasterClass that cover 25 subjects ranging from Business Planning, Fund Sourcing, Talent & Resources, Financial Planning & Management, Skills Development, Compliance and Taxation, Sales & Distribution, Branding & Marketing.
IEF MasterClasses are conducted by specialist practicing professionals, not classroom theorists. The people that help you learn the ropes of entrepreneurship, are people dealing with the topics on a daily basis, and are successful in their respective fields.
Because you are being taught by successful practicing professionals, the knowledge you gain is current and relevant to the times we live in.
IEF MasterClass 1 imparts knowledge and skills essential for any enterprise between startup and year three of its operations, and this foundation stage learning is critical for long term success.
IEF MasterClass 2 focusses on helping entrepreneurs navigate scale-up challenges such as hiring, contracting, asset investment, market expansion and more.
IEF MasterClass 3 focusses on accelerating growth by raising finance, expanding geography, bringing in new partners, building alliances, improving profitability, and more.
IEF MasterClass 4 focusses on running a large organization, and planning for long-term strategic and financial growth, including mergers, acquisitions, and valuation.

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