Entrepreneurship: The Road to Poorna Swaraj

Entrepreneurship: As Old As Civilisation In India

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While new efforts by the government with Standup India and Startup India are promising, entrepreneurs in this sector today succeed mainly due to their tireless energy and endless passion for their ideas and businesses.

IEF recognizes the issues of this sector, and aims to makes it more organized, with access to basic learning and development tools, hard and soft skill development programs, legitimate funding, networking platforms, and most importantly, by highlighting and showcasing the sector and the entrepreneurs that drive it!

IEF is creating a collaborative ecosystem that brings all stakeholders and interested parties onto one platform for mutual benefit. Through a 3-pronged strategy of Action, Advocacy and Awareness, IEF is committed to energise and empower Indian small-scale entrepreneurs, to scale new heights in their businesses, and further enrich our economy.

The IEF Vision

IEF will catalyze, facilitate and co-create an engaging, energizing and empowering ecosystem for entrepreneurship in India, and help in the growth of small-scale entrepreneurs across the country.

The IEF Mission

IEF has a three-pronged plan of Awareness, Action and Advocacy to engage multiple stakeholders, and collectively energize the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India.

Through large-scale Awareness programs, IEF will bring case studies, success stories, news, knowledge, views and intelligence to entrepreneurs and other stakeholders of the ecosystem

Through various Advocacy programs, IEF will co-create platforms and opportunities for collaboration between multiple stakeholders – including industry, government, media, and of course, entrepreneurs – and set up a comprehensive entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country.

Through its On-Ground Action programs, IEF will provide hands-on training and development courses for entrepreneurs; conducted by practicing professionals; covering all aspects of entrepreneurship – including, but not restricted to Master Practitioner Classes, live Mentoring and Skilling Programs, and live access to an online knowledge bank of professional expertise, and relevant current information for entrepreneurs.