Did you know that 80% of India’s workforce (excluding the agriculture sector) is in whats called “the unorganised sector”?! Did you know that this sector, made up of small businesses, cottage industries, local services providers, and self-employed professionals, actually contributes around half of India’s GDP?!

While new efforts by the government with StandupIndia and StartupIndia are promising, entrepreneurs in this sector today succeed mainly due to their tireless energy and endless passion for their ideas and businesses.

IEF recognizes the issues of this sector, and aims to make it more organised, with access things like basic learning and development tools, hard and soft skill development programs, legitimate funding, networking platforms, and most importantly, by highlighting and showcasing the sector and the entrepreneurs that drive it!

IEF is creating a collaborative ecosystem that brings all stakeholders and interested parties onto one platform for mutual benefit. Through a 3-pronged strategy of Action, Advocacy and Awareness, IEF is committed to energise and empower Indian small-scale entrepreneurs, to scale new heights in their businesses, and further enrich our economy.

IEF Knowledge & Learning Series


IEF MasterClasses are designed to help small-scale entrepreneurs reduce their learning curve, and increase their rates of success, by exposing them to questions and realities of being an entrepreneur, and guiding them to think and act on real and present business situations.

Entrepreneurship Essentials, ScaleUp Guide, Growth Stage, Professional Program
Experts from various fields and industries
The relationship continues even after the MasterClasses
With at least 2 years in the business, and employing local people.
Entrepreneurs can attend, even while tending to their businesses.


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