IEF Vision

IEF will catalyze, facilitate and co-create an engaging, energizing and empowering ecosystem for entrepreneurship in India, and help in the growth of small-scale entrepreneurs across the country.

IEF Mission

  • IEF has a three-pronged plan of Awareness, Action and Advocacy to engage multiple stakeholders, and collectively energize the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India.
  • Through large-scale Awareness programs, IEF will bring case studies, success stories, news, knowledge, views and intelligence to entrepreneurs and other stakeholders of the ecosystem
  • Through its On-Ground Action programs, IEF will provide hands-on training and development courses for entrepreneurs; conducted by practicing professionals; covering all aspects of entrepreneurship – including, but not restricted to Master Practitioner Classes, live Mentoring and Skilling Programs, and live access to an online knowledge bank of professional expertise, and relevant current information for entrepreneurs.
  • Through various Advocacy programs, IEF will co-create platforms and opportunities for collaboration between multiple stakeholders – including industry, government, media,and of course, entrepreneurs – and set up a comprehensive entrepreneurial ecosystem  in the country.