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Basic Tech Tips That Every Entrepreneur Must Learn:

Whether you’re a self-taught geek or not, every entrepreneur needs to master a few basic tech skills to make you better equipped to run your business nowadays. 

  • Managing your inbox- Prioritize, group, sort and file messages to keep your inbox organized. The better your filing system, the easier it will be to locate specific emails when you need them. Create parent categories for broad subjects such as the following: clients, projects and finances.
  • Basic analytics- Although small data is part of big data, it can also be used separately in a business that doesn’t have the need to delve into the vast amount of information and doesn’t have a high quantity of departments or stakeholders to manage or present it. But every business needs a clear overview of where they stand on the market, how to achieve desired results and what to optimize to get the most out of your resources.
  • Communication via social media- Social media offers many benefits to business owners, as it allows them to reach out to their customers and to gain the attention of more people/potential customers.
  • Microsoft Excel- Beyond simple bookkeeping, the accounting features in Excel can help you determine where your business stands financially, generate detailed reports, track lists of vendors, employees and customers, and prepare your records for tax season each year.
  • Graphic design- Simple and fun, but incredibly powerful software are available out there to make fantastic graphics and very fast. Save money on hiring a graphic designer and learn a new skill.
  • Coding-Every skill acquisition requires time and so does coding. Learn it online and save time and money.

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