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Writing For Entrepreneurs

An average entrepreneur can expect to write emails, blog posts, tweets, instant messages, slide decks, press releases, and copywriting, which can collectively have a massive effect on your business. Sharing content is at the heart of building credibility today. Writing is just communicating your thoughts. And, unlike a verbal conversation, you always have the delete key. Here’s a step-by-step structure to craft anything you want in your day to day written communication if you don’t think you’re good enough. 

• Understanding your reader: This is the main step when drafting any write-up. It is at the heart of creating work that engages and connects with the people you want to reach. For everything you write, try asking yourself the following questions first:
• Who is the audience?
• What do they need?
• What do they value?
• What problem are you solving for them?
• Decide what message you want to communicate: In the business world, the point should be immediately clear, and the evidence should come after.
Remember, you’re competing for your audience’s attention.
• Say one thing at a time. Each piece of writing, no matter the length, should answer the question, what is the point?
• Gather Your Evidence: Have all of your research and evidence right in front of you. Everyone has a preferred way of taking notes, so continue doing what works for you.
• Proofread your writing, and not just for spelling or grammatical mistakes, but for unclear thinking. This in a way is also organizing your thoughts better.
• Learn by doing: Most of all, just write. And write well. You’ll be surprised by how far it takes you.

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