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JNU Row: And The Lack Of A Strategic Roadmap For India’s Youth

IF you are a patriot, then in the last few days, you would have shed a tear, vented on your social media account and sighed deeply at seeing India’s potential, its future and strength – its youth – being drawn into street politics and being played as pawns in the great Indian political game.

The events following the sloganeering at the Jawaharlal Nehru University on February 9 have captured the mood of the nation – anger and frustration.

If you are a patriot you would have wondered how farmer deaths, Make in India week or even the Indian women’s cricket team’s win saw no reaction from the people.

The newspapers, TV channels and social media are fully engaged in what the politicians “wish for”— others fighting their battles for them.

But this time around, it’s not the jobless angry youth in a remote state or a bunch of farmers in far off rural areas angry at their plight or religious fundamentalists fighting for their beliefs or people from a specific community demanding their rights. This time around, those drawn into the battle are India’s students in universities across the country.
This is a frightening proposition…

To continue reading the full article, written by IEF Founder & Chairperson, Bhairavi Jani, for DNA India, please click here.

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