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Startup India Is The First Step To Realising ‘Poorna Swaraj’

Startupindia is by far the bravest initiative of any government in independent India towards empowering a large number of citizens economically.

Prime MinisterNarendra Modi will on January 16, 2016, unveil his plans for the ‘Startup India’ programme. The programme promises to create a never-seen-before dynamic and enabling ecosystem for entrepreneurship in India.

If reports in the media are to be believed, there were one lakh plus requests for invites to the event in New Delhi in an auditorium capacity of 1500.

All this excitement reminds me of the melodious AR Rahman composition from the film Roja – ‘Dil hai chota sa, choti si asha… chaand taaron ko chune ki asha, aasmaano mein udane ki asha’ (Have a small heart and have a small wish… I wish to touch the moon and the stars, and I wish to fly in the skies).

It is almost two decades since we first heard this composition, but its spirit beckons to Indians in small towns, villages and mega cities even today. Its message speaks to the spirit of a nation long waiting to realise its full potential.

In 2004, when the World Economic Forum (WEF) undertook the scenarios exercise for the future potential of India, they consulted people from different walks of life. The result was four different scenarios; in essence, four different approaches that India could take towards its future development. The scenario that emerged best…

To continue reading the full article by IEF Founder & Chairperson, Bhairavi Jani, for DNA India, please click here.

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